TMS For Your Specific Industry 

Only Flick understands one size does not fit all industries 

FlickTMS Key Features

Dashboard to alert exceptional cases
Realtime attendance computation
Career progression
Overtime approval
Exceed 72hrs alert
Draggable transaction column
Unlimited user access 
Microsoft Azure cloud 


No need to pre-create shifts for workers
Easily transfer or swop workers from other outlets 


Unlimited projects per worker per day
Customisable travel time rule


Preplan "required manpower" per site
Use drag and drop to assign workers 

Addon Modules for FlickTMS

Leave Module 

Supports all MOM computations 
Additional leave can be user defined
One glance dashboard for HR

Learning Management

User defined Q&A questions 
Assign courses to workers 
Monitor course progress

Recruitment Module 

Customisable applicant portal
From applicant to active worker
Customisable confirmation letter

Biometric Device

(with door access function)
Facial | Finger | Card | Pw
Option: Thermal | Mask
Facial | Card | Password
Option: Waterproof | POE
Facial | Card | Password
Option: Backup battery
Facial | Card | Password
Option: Intercom App

Why Flick?

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